“There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way.”

– Wayne Dyer



I think it’s really nice that you found this page.
Lizette is my name and I am the one who has the Soul of Yoga and teaching the weekend courses.
I am an educated yoga teacher in Ashtangayoga and have been teaching yoga in this form since 2009.

I wish all people for a happy life and to achieve that we are very affected by ourselves.
But sometimes it needs some tools to get there.

Soul of yoga has weekend classes in yoga, vegan diet, and “power of mind”.
All courses include yoga and meditation but in different forms and degrees.

Some  say they can not yoga because they not have a flexible body. Then it’s really a good thing  to start with yoga practise.
(But yoga is so much more than just a trained body ..

You can say that the exercised body you get from exercising physical yoga is a “side effect” of what yoga really means.

In order to be able to sit still and meditate without discomfort, a trained and flexible body is required to be able to relax optimally.

Soul of yoga is located in the most beautiful Dalarna outside Orsa center, the place is called Nederberga.