“There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way”

We influence our entire life through our thoughts. This weekend is about finding joy and ourselves.

Power of mind is an energy kick and definitely a creativity enhancer!

A weekend that gives  motivation to a life that YOU want to live!

Change inner mental thoughts from negative to positive
(Which is the reason for good results in everything you do.)

Get started with your plans (How many things have you planned to do but nothing is done? )
How to improve your life on different levels, such as financially
“A complain free world”, what happens then?
You are the one you want to be
What you ask for …
Set limits
Nature and cultivation, what can we grow themselves? And what is in nature that we can use?
We look at Vedic Art. (Find yourself and your way of creating, painting and drawing without any prior knowledge)
Bring your notebooks and pens because on this weekend, things will be remembered!