Body lock or bandhas.

In yoga you will learn to get in contact with your body locks, mainly abdominal lock (Uddiana Bandha) and root lock (Mula Bandha).

The root lock provides good support for the body as you move in harmony with your breathing.

Mula Bandha (root lock) is said to provide energy and eliminate depression and deep tension. When you activate mula bandha, the lower organs are strengthened and the intestinal movements are stimulated.

Activating mula bandha protects the lower back. On the pelvic floor rests the entire upper body and by controlling the inner muscles in this area, it also facilitates the uplift of the upper body. One might imagine that the reinforced and activated pelvic floor as a floor, a foundation from which the thorax and spine can grow and extend upwards.
Uddiyana bandha (abdominal lock) strengthens the entire abdomen, and that the digestion is stimulated and regulated. By activating uddiyana bandha, you also protect the lower back.